Caneel Bay, US Virgin Islands

Caneel Bay is a wonderful beach because it gives you the opportunity to spend a day at the beach with lunch at the Resort. Beach chairs, kayaks, sunfish, towels, snorkel gear is available for resort guests but the beach is welcoming to all. Located 1.3 miles from Cruz Bay it is only a few minutes from town. Taxis are always available at Caneel Bay, however parking is a fee. The beautiful grounds at Caneel lead to the beach or around the exquisite grounds. The facilities for the day guests include restrooms, the gift shop, and the opportunity to eat at the seaside restaurant or at the bar.

The beach is beautifully landscaped with palm trees and white sand. The water at Caneel Bay is perfect for snorkeling. Explore the rocks on either side of the beach and you may find stingrays, sea turtles, starfish, vibrant colored fish, and different types of coral.

Caneel Bay is leased from the Virgin Islands National Park under the agreement that the land be preserved and the historic ruins cared for. Aside from the beautiful beach and well-kept grounds, the resort located here offers complete lodging, dining, and activities--such as snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and sailing. There are also several on-grounds tennis courts.

Resort Beach where you Pay for Parking. Towels & Chairs are avaliable for Guests but the Bar and Restaurant are avaliable for day visitors. There is fair Snorkeling but because it is a resort there are not as many fish.

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