St John Boat Tours & Charters

Just because an island has been discovered, does not mean it has been inhabited. If you decide to take a boat charter from St John, you open yourself up to the wonder of exploring islands that are only accessible by boat, only visited by fellow explorers, and the only inhabitants that day will be you and your party. Enjoy a picnic, a swim, and even a hike through lands that are not only off the beaten path, but one-of-a-kind opportunities to see what it is like to touch land that feels newly discovered.

You can also take a boat over to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) which include Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and over fifty smaller islands of which only about a dozen are inhabited. With a combined population of about 22,000 inhabitants, 18,000 of them live on Tortola, leaving the rest of the islands a unique feeling of calm and tranquility.

Boat charters are also an excellent way to reach some of the amazing scuba diving and snorkeling sites that are not immediately accessible from the beach. One such place, the Virgin Islands National Park protected Coral Reef, is a great place to take a guided scuba diving tour of.

Aside from the exploring as well as the scuba diving and snorkeling experiences, one of the greatest reasons to take a chartered boat from St John is to enjoy the ride. Nowhere in the world is there an experience quite like riding between tropical islands around St John. Virtually preserved to be looked upon just as the great explorers, rum runners, and pirates of the past 500 years had seen through their eyes.

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