St John Fish & Wildlife

It has been said that to understand something you need to dig down below the surface. While one can enjoy the waters of St John, it is only when one submerges themselves that they can truly see what makes them among the most cherished and appreciated on earth. What is down there? An entire world of course, with its own inhabitants and its own terrain, worthy of you investigating a little deeper. Some of the exotic fish and wildlife you will see down below are:

Sea Turtles



Trumpet Fish

A rare Flying Gurnard

You may have heard this, but St John has no snakes. None. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, these creatures are missing and it is not an accident. During the rum runner days, centuries ago, the Mongoose was brought to the island to eat the snakes in order to protect the sugar mill process. You can see these critters elusively scurrying every once and a while, among the range of other fascinating wildlife that resides on St John. Some ones you will see are:

Wild Donkeys

Wild Goats


Tropical Birds

Elusive Spiders


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