St John Honeymoons

A honeymoon is an unforgettable time in a couple's life. It is a time for them to rest after a long investment in planning and executing a successful wedding, as well as a time to reflect on the experience. It should be no surprise that couples worldwide have chosen St John to be that special place.

Lush with amazing natural beauty, filled with exciting as well as relaxing experiences to be had, it is a wonderland of good times and good memories waiting to be explored.

Picture this:

You wake up with a tropical trade wind carefully lifting your curtains to let in the sunlight, you take your time breathing in the new day, and you rise to eat a luxurious breakfast.

After this, you head down to your new favorite beach to enjoy some natural tanning and a quick swim.

You take a stroll through town to see the lovely artisan crafts and jewelry, perhaps picking up a small gift for a significant other, and its back to your villa for a relaxing shower in preparation for dinner.

A walk or taxi ride into town and suddenly you are immersed in a dining environment of world class quality. Perhaps a few drinks before adjourning back to your villa.

Tomorrow? How about scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, boat chartering to other exotic islands nearby, a picnic atop a spectacular overlook? How about more tanning and shopping? A honeymoon in St John is your ticket to celebrate the most important time of your lives.

Why not make it a yearly honeymoon? St John is inexpensive to return to and once you become accustomed to the island and its friendly inhabitants, you can learn the ways that locals make it even more affordable and exciting. A honeymoon in St John may open a door in your lives to your favorite vacation spot where each trip invokes the wonderful memories of your first trip, reminding both of you why you are lucky to be with each other.

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