St John Stunning Postcard Views

The views of St John can be described with too many words to pick one and stick with it. Each time you visit these breathtaking overlooks you will be finding new ways to describe how amazing they are. As many well-known sights as there are, Off the beaten path you will always find a new view to enjoy. St John is a gold mine of beauty, with over 75% of the island owned by the Virgin Islands National Park; protected and preserved for your enjoyment since 1956.

Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, you can access almost any of this island via carefully crafted trails and exciting hikes. Picturesque waterfalls are not a fantasy here but a reality that the locals get to appreciate year-round.

If hiking isn't your thing, simply take a drive down the road and you will find many overlook areas ont he side of the road. You are guaranteed to find someone friendly who will take a picture of you and your significant other, with the stunning images that St John has to offer, right behind you. Nothing says Caribbean like a postcard picture of you standing in front of water, with cascading mountains in the background.

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