St John Snorkeling

Just below the surface is a world of wonder, easily accessed, throughout your entire trip.

The sites of the tropics, with its lush and exotic flora, is truly something to behold. However, nowhere does the beauty of St John shine as beneath its crystal waters. Underneath its blues and green, St John's water provides aquatic souls with visions of sea life of all shapes, sizes, and colors. From purple fan coral to the rainbow colored parrot fish, you are guaranteed to see nature at its best, whether snorkeling near the surface or on a dive 60 feet below.

The island is blessed with multiple snorkeling sites that rival that of any in the Caribbean. Linester Bay is a particular treat as it combines two of the island's greatest attractions. The bay is accessible through a short but pleasant hike. While the reward for reaching the destination is not a postcard picture beach, Linester Bay is home to arguably the best snorkeling spot on the island. Here you can see the widest variety of sea life, short of a full-on scuba dive. Due to the proximity to the Annaberg Sugar Mill ruins, this snorkeling spot is probably best as a part of a full day's itinerary.

If seeking to unite a wonderful snorkeling experience with the beach aesthetics that St John is famously known for, one might tend to agree that Trunk Bay is your destination. Unlike most other beaches on St John, Trunk Bay does require a small entrance fee. Trunk Bay is still undoubtedly the family hot spot for beauty and snorkeling. The waters of Trunk Bay are home to one of the most diverse aquatic populations on St John. Furthermore, as part of a conservancy effort, the site also holds multiple underwater monuments and informational plaques, intended on educating tourists and locals alike about the importance of protection and preservation of the reefs.

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