St John Tropics "feel"

The tropical 'feel' of the islands doesn't just come from the weather and the pristine environment. It comes from the way that the locals get along. Here are some things about St John that you should know that will help you get the full experience the island has to offer.

When you pass by someone, it is customary to say a greeting depending on the time of the day. Such as: good morning, good afternoon, good evening. It is also customary during the holiday season to say "seasons greetings" when you pass by people, rather than directly referencing the many holidays.

"Soon Come" is how islanders say something is coming soon. An example of this could be if a new store is expected to open soon, that new store soon come.

If you are not staying at a villa or a resort, you are likely aware that your water may be provided by rainfall. It is because of this that islanders are careful not to waste water. This means that when you take a shower, you take what is called a Caribbean Shower. You turn on the water first to wet your body, then you turn it off to apply the soap. Finally you turn the water back on to rinse off. This experience may seem strange at first, however you quickly get used to it and can appreciate how it is beneficial to the environment to save water.

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