St John, United States Virgin Islands

Spanning 7 miles across and 3 mile wide, St John, USVI is the smallest of the 3 United States Virgin Islands. St John consists of approximately 75% national park, part of the Virgin Islands National Park. Excluding parts that are leased out for resorts on the condition of preservation, the park then accounts for approximately 60% of the land and several thousand acres off-shore, great for snorkeling and scuba diving. Bordeaux Mountain is the highest elevation on St John at 1,277 feet.

Part of the "American Caribbean", St John is a commonwealth island that any US Citizen can visit without a passport. Simply bring a valid US ID (Driver or Non-Driver) and you fly right into St Thomas, USVI, which provides hourly ferry access to St John and the other US Virgin Island, St Croix. The population of St John is roughly 4200 as of the 2000 US Census, with 2700 of whom live in Cruz Bay--the main ferry entrance point from St Thomas. Coral bay used to the be the main entrance because of its geographical port structure which provided protection to sailing ships at the time.

The major export of St John used to be sugar cane, however post-slavery in St John the major economic industry in St John has been tourism and real estate development.


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