St John, USVI Seasons (Low, High, Holiday)

Unlike the rest of the world, St John really only experiences 3 distinct seasons: the high season, the low season, and the holiday season. Each period has distinct rates but all welcome you to similar tropical climate and activities.

High Season: Mid-January to May

The high season is when travel is at the highest frequency. This is sometimes known as tourist season and it also coincides with the most comfortable weather and least likelihood of storm systems. This is when the rates for villas tend to be higher than usual.

Low Season: June to Mid-December

The low season is when travel is at a minimum and things wind down for a while in the islands. The weather is still comfortable, however during the summer months it can be quite hot and humid. Hurricane season occurs during this period, from June to November, however the islands remain active and enjoyable for tourism. This is when the rates for villas tends to be the lowest.

Holiday Season: Mid-December to Mid-January

The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit St John and escape the winter weather back at home. During this time you can enjoy fun and festive local activities, wish seasons greetings to islanders and vacationers, and check out the great Christmas decorations around the island. This tends to be the period in which rates are highest and acts as a transition period between the low and high season.

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