Salt Pond Bay, US Virgin Islands

Located on the southern side of the island, Salt Pond Bay is conveniently located for guests staying in Coral Bay. Salt Pond Bay offers white sand and calm waters. The southern side of St. John does not experience the trade winds as compared to the north side because it is protected by the hills at Ram’s Head Point. It is a quarter mile walk of uneven earth from the parking lot at Salt Pond.

There are two trails that begin at the eastern edge of Salt Pond; they lead to Drunk Bay and Ram’s Head. The facilities at Salt Pond include chemical toilets, picnic tables, and barbeques. Salt Pond offers snorkelers the opportunity to experience an underwater environment that usually occurs further offshore and in deeper waters. The best area to explore this is on the rocky eastern coastline as you head to Blue Cobblestone Bay.

Short hike from Parking lot, Beach has a lot of coral along the shore, Great Snorkeling along the reef, Located along Ram Head Peninsula.

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