Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands

Known for its sparkling Caribbean blue waters, white sand beaches, and picturesque views, Trunk Bay is an award winning beach, often listed among the top ten beaches of the world, Caribbean, and more. Trunk Bay offers a one of a kind snorkeling trail where the water is calm and clear. One of the longer beaches on St. John, Truck Bay has over a quarter mile of prime sunbathing real estate.

The facilities at Trunk Bay are showers, restrooms, and changing rooms. Also available are picnic tables, barbeque grills, a visitor center, and a gift shop. There is an admission fee for entry to the beach, but this also includes parking. Year round residents can get a season pass for only a few dollars more. The on-site gift shop offers memorabilia to enhance your vacation memories, or if you forgot to bring you can pick it up there. The gift shop also provides beach related rentals like beach chairs, lockers, snorkeling gear, and floatation devices.

Pay to enter, one of the top ten beaches, Great Snorkeling, Beautiful View, Restroom, Picnic Area, Gift Shop.

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